Excavation Safety Tips

So you have rented the equipment, the project manager has finalised the plans and you are ready to strap on your hard hat and begin to dig. Before the project kicks off and you start to dig, it is critical that everyone on site is fully aware of the safety rules and regulations regarding excavation.  If you are not crystal clear on the regulations you can download the free PDF from Safe Work Australia.

Here are a few basic tips needing review each time you begin an excavation project—whether big or small. These safety tips will not only make the excavation project run smoothly, it will ensure that you operate a safe and hazard free work site at all times.

Know the hazards in the area:  Obtain correct drafts of where the utilities (water, sewerage, gas) are located on the excavation site. Then before digging begins ensure that all utilities are clearly marked and the depth is verified.

Do regular safety checks: Before work begins do a walk around inspection of all equipment before use. Be diligent in checking all fluids and fixing any maintenance problems immediately. Demand any and all repairs are complete before operation – even when time restraints are tough never take a short cut.
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