Dingo Hire

Dingo Hire

Dingo Hire Perth

JSB’s Machinery hire division has a range of Dingo’s, Skid Steer Loaders & excavators for hire in Perth. This excavator has long been available as a nimble, hard-working Skid Steer Loaders with strength and manoeuvrability to burn.

Available Dingos
Dingo K9 – X with all attachments
Dingo K9 – 4X remote controlled with all attachments inc. drill rig

Remote Controlled
A Safe workplace is essential, so now JSB has the answer to all your hazardous work situations. If it’s a factory, a smelter or a mine or anywhere where your workers’ health and safety are at risk, the remote-controlled one is yours to hire.

The operator stands well away from the dangerous situation and uses the easy-to-operate controls from a distance. The control levers are identical to those on the manned Dingo so no new learning skills are required.

The unit is armour plated which means on your job site it will take some serious punishment and keep on keeping on. If you need to move materials from a hazardous situation, then the remote-controlled excavator will do the job easily and quickly and have the operator go home safe and sound.

By hiring from JSB you are dealing with the best in the business. Our expert staff can provide free expert advice. If you need to hire for an extended period you’ll get a special deal.

Operation is super easy with the remote device but if you wish to hire a trained and skilled operator, we can provide that as well. With the remote controlled, JSB has got the answer to all your dangerous workplace situations.


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