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JSB is excited to announce the arrival of our new remote controlled Dingo R9 – 4X. This machine comes with an air powered drill rig attachment, post hole digger, trencher, buckets and other assorted implements.

K9-4 Remote Controlled Features & Benefits

  • The Remote Controlled Dingo K9-4 is the solution to those clean up jobs where conditions are too dangerous for an operator.
  • Remote Controlled Dingos are used in smelters, factories, mines and anywhere conditions are not suitable for an operator.
  • The Remote Controlled Dingo K9-4 is fitted with a remote control unit that controls the two drive levers, the Bucket Lift and Bucket Tilt levers.
  • The Remote Controlled Dingo performs like a regular Dingo with the added safety of being operated from a safe distance away from the hazard.

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