Best Lawn Types for Landscape Design

Best Lawn Types

If your yard is a blank canvas, then you have some excellent opportunities at your disposal. Your easel is empty, and it’s now up to you to decide how to create a masterpiece. What you may not have anticipated, however, is that your landscape design has to incorporate absolutely everything.

Where better to start than at the bottom? Here are some of the best lawn types to consider for landscape design when you’re starting from scratch.

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is one of the most popular lawn types in Australia, and it’s also perfect for impatient people. This grass type is common in instant lawns, meaning you can roll it out on your bare patch of land and immediately reap the rewards.

Tall Fescue is also suitable for a full range of climates and soil types while being hardy to handle moderate traffic. It’s not as robust as other grass types, but it wins top points for instant convenience.

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