Is it better to hire or buy machinery?

When you have a major construction job on the go one of the first questions you will need to consider is the cost of machinery. Is it cheaper, better and more efficient for you to hire the relevant machinery as opposed to buying it? The answer depends on a number of things.

How big is the task at hand? How skilled are you in carrying out this particular task? How big is your budget for this particular task? These three questions will go a long way to helping you decide to hire or buy. Remember that the cost of equipment whether you hire or buy can be a financial drain on your resources. If you intend to use the equipment for a relatively long period of time and particularly if there is the possibility that you can use the equipment on other jobs later on, then purchasing as opposed to hiring might well be the better option. But if you buy the equipment and it becomes out of date or if new models offer far more benefits, then you may be stuck with equipment which doesn’t really do the best job possible.

Taxation will almost certainly be relevant whichever route you take. Here you need expert advice from an accountant who is experienced in the purchase and hire of equipment. Depreciation is an important factor and the more you understand how it works and its benefits for your specific taxation situation, the more you will avoid making a decision in the dark. Get all the facts and make sure that whichever choice you make your bottom line will be well served.
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