Excavation Safety Tips

So you have rented the equipment, the project manager has finalised the plans and you are ready to strap on your hard hat and begin to dig. Before the project kicks off and you start to dig, it is critical that everyone on site is fully aware of the safety rules and regulations regarding excavation.  If you are not crystal clear on the regulations you can download the free PDF from Safe Work Australia.

Here are a few basic tips needing review each time you begin an excavation project—whether big or small. These safety tips will not only make the excavation project run smoothly, it will ensure that you operate a safe and hazard free work site at all times.

Know the hazards in the area:  Obtain correct drafts of where the utilities (water, sewerage, gas) are located on the excavation site. Then before digging begins ensure that all utilities are clearly marked and the depth is verified.

Do regular safety checks: Before work begins do a walk around inspection of all equipment before use. Be diligent in checking all fluids and fixing any maintenance problems immediately. Demand any and all repairs are complete before operation – even when time restraints are tough never take a short cut.
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Renting vs. Owning Construction Equipment

To buy or not to buy is the big question that runs through the business minds of many companies. When deciding whether to rent or purchase construction equipment it is extremelyimportant to weigh the pros and cons for each. By sitting down and asking yourself a few questions about your business and equipment needs you can determine which option is right for you.

How often will the equipment be used?

Purchasing equipment upfront always costs a considerable amount of money, however if it is used on a daily basis then the long term cost could be far less than hiring. However you also have to consider the maintenance cost to own it, unlike renting you will be responsible for registration and repair costs. Chances are, for big ticket items you will also need to get a business loan, so make sure you account for the loan account fees and interest charges. Sit down and work out your daily costs for both scenarios, then choose the one that is more economical. A general rule to apply is that if you are going to use the machinery less than 60% of the time then it is probably more economical to rent the equipment rather than purchase your own.
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What Size Excavator Is Needed To Make A Pool In My Backyard?

Summer is just around the corner here in Australia and there is no better way to spend the hot summer days than sitting by the pool. Over the years pools have become more affordable and are popping up in the backyards of more and more Aussies.

If you are thinking about taking the plunge (literally) you may be also wondering what equipment should be used to dig a hole big enough in your backyard to fit your new pool. Well there are several kinds of equipment on the market that are used for digging pool holes. The type and size of the machinery used will depend primarily on the access to your backyard and the type of soil you have. There are two types of machinery to choose from:


Bobcats are preferred by many because they are cheaper to use, can come with various attachments and are able to dispose of the soil quite easily.  The only problem with bobcats is that they need space to move and manoeuvre and generally cannot access areas less than 6 feet wide. A bobcat is a type of mini-dozer with a 6 foot wide toothed bucket, this makes them more suited to spacious sites that have wide access paths.
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Make the earth move for you

Moving earth is a tough task. Moving massive amounts of earth is a massively tough task. Thankfully, due to science and engineering, there are earth-moving tools, very big tools mind, which are ideal for making light work of heavy lifting and moving. Another fact is the flexibility and go-anywhere nature of many items of earth-moving machinery. With not one but two tools or the ability to move into water and perform earth moving below water make some of today’s machines a huge asset for anyone involved in major construction.

The latest equipment is available for hire. The latest technology and the staff to operate the technology are available for hire.

• Range of machines for hire
• Skilled operators for hire
• Free technical advice
• Free quotes

When you need to hire some earth-moving machinery, you want a wide range from which to choose. Not every machine does every job. But there is a machine ideal for your purpose.
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Is it better to hire or buy machinery?

When you have a major construction job on the go one of the first questions you will need to consider is the cost of machinery. Is it cheaper, better and more efficient for you to hire the relevant machinery as opposed to buying it? The answer depends on a number of things.

How big is the task at hand? How skilled are you in carrying out this particular task? How big is your budget for this particular task? These three questions will go a long way to helping you decide to hire or buy. Remember that the cost of equipment whether you hire or buy can be a financial drain on your resources. If you intend to use the equipment for a relatively long period of time and particularly if there is the possibility that you can use the equipment on other jobs later on, then purchasing as opposed to hiring might well be the better option. But if you buy the equipment and it becomes out of date or if new models offer far more benefits, then you may be stuck with equipment which doesn’t really do the best job possible.

Taxation will almost certainly be relevant whichever route you take. Here you need expert advice from an accountant who is experienced in the purchase and hire of equipment. Depreciation is an important factor and the more you understand how it works and its benefits for your specific taxation situation, the more you will avoid making a decision in the dark. Get all the facts and make sure that whichever choice you make your bottom line will be well served.
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