Best Plants for Landscape Design in Australia

Whether you’re in the early stages of landscape design, or you’re making a few changes to your back yard, then you may be looking at different Australian plant options. Without expert help, it’s easy to get lost in the masses of options – all with funny names you can’t pronounce.

While getting in touch with your local landscaping expert is always the best approach, there are also a few “must have” plants that can enhance the appeal of your backyard in the meantime. Here are some options that may pique your curiosity.

A Spotted Emu Bush

Landscaping is costly if your yard is expansive, so having plants that take up a lot of space will be nothing but helpful for your wallet. Such a plant is Eremophila Maculata or Spotted Emu Bush. This bush takes up a lot of room but doesn’t need much maintenance.

You can plant it in a sun-drenched corner of your property and let it flourish. It will grow to around two and a half metres with beautiful red and purple flowers. What’s more, aside from the east coast of Queensland, this plant will suit anywhere in Australia.

The Happy Wanderer

Many people incorporate trellis and dividing walls into their landscape design to offer privacy from neighbours. The problem is, some of the materials can be unsightly and stand out for all the wrong reasons. The Happy Wanderer, or Hardenbergia, can help.

This plant has purple, white, or pink flowers and grows on walls, trellis, fences, and gates. As the name suggests, it will pretty much wander anywhere happily! All you need to give it is water, some shade, and soil that drains properly. It also suits most parts of Australia.

Orange Blossom

If you need to plant something that offers both shade and privacy, then let it be orange blossom. This beautiful plant is one that grows quickly, densely, and with beautiful glossy foliage. Orange blossom is also fragrant, grows up to three metres high, and flowers in both spring and summer.

You will love using orange blossom as a privacy screen or dividing hedge to separate different parts of your property.

Port Wine Magnolia

Everyone needs at least one plant incorporated into their landscape design that lets off a beautiful fragrance. Imagine if it were banana and vanilla? If you grow a Port Wine Magnolia plant, that could be the reality.

This plant is suitable as a privacy screen or to grow free-form. It lets off a beautiful aroma of vanilla and banana and looks striking when it flowers in late spring.

The number of viable plants to incorporate into your landscape design will blow you away. There are so many options! If you need a helping hand, or you’re not sure where to begin, then it might be time to call your local landscaping expert for advice.